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dui aggravating factors

DUI Aggravating Factors in Arizona

DUI Aggravating Factors in Arizona Arizona punishes driving under the influence seriously, even when a person is a first-time offender. A standard DUI could lead to even harsher sanctions whenever aggravating factors are present. There are numerous common aggravating factors and in their presence, the court is going to impose a harsher sentence instead of […]
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az extreme dui laws

Woman Arrested Under AZ Extreme DUI Laws

Woman Arrested Under AZ Extreme DUI Laws We are following a developing story about an Arizona woman who was arrested after being suspected of driving on the rims of her wheels with two young children in the car with her. She has been charged with Extreme DUI and two counts of child abuse. El Mirage […]
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dui motorcyle

DUI Motorcycle in Arizona

DUI Motorcycle in Arizona There is no doubt that drinking and driving is not a good idea. Though the number of drunk driving incidents in the state are only a fraction of the total accidents each year, they are a leading cause of fatal and injury crashes. Many people, though, seem to have a misconception […]
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